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JinKo Solar

Jinko Solar introduces a brand-new line of high performance modules in wide application.

We stock a variety of Jinko Panels, including:

• Jinko 270w Eagle 60 – The current standard size panel in the 60 cell range.

• Jinko 290w Mono PERC 60 – The premium 60 cell panel in the Jinko range. With black framing and PERC technology, this panel is a step ahead of the competition.

• Jinko 265w Eagle Maxim – The optimized Jinko panel. With a highly-compatible optimiser built-in to the Jinko Maxim, working.

• Jinko 320w Eagle 72 – The standard size 72 cell panel. Generally used on commercial sites.

• Jinko 350w Mono PERC 72 – The larger 72 cell panel. Equipped with PERC technology to improve energy yield from diffused sunlight.

Worldwide first PID free module under 85°C/85% RH condition:

No power loss caused by potential induced degradation
Polycrystalline 60-cell module achieves a power output up to 270Wp
Entire module certified to withstand high wind loads (2400 Pascal) and snow loads (5400 Pascal)
Excellent low light performance thanks to optimize solar cell design
Passing anti ammonia and anti salt mist guarantees to deliver full performance in coastal or agricultural areas