Brand New Stonestar Wheel Loader


Detailed Product Description


3ton wheel loader Engine (92KW) Cummins/Deutz 1.8CBM bucket tyre size 17.5-25

Main Description of wheel loader SSA30


1)Streamlined appearance design, elegant and generous.

2)Bucket of working device can be set level automatically, computer is adopted to optimize design, high working efficiency.

3)Sealed drivers cabin of new type which may allocate conditioner, more comfortable operating environment.

4)Torque device of single three components, gearbox of fixed axle type, more reliable performance.

5)Can allocate many kinds of selectable assembly such as wooden fork, pipe fork, grass fork, stone bucket, enlarged bucket etc. to meet the needs of various working states.

Specifications SSA30
Rated bucket capacity 1.8M3
Rated loading weight 3000kg
Operating weight 9970kg
Max.dump height 3000mm
Max.dump distance 1100mm
Min. base to the ground 390mm
Wheel base 2750mm
Track base 1800mm
Performance of bucket being set level Yes
Static tilting load at full steering position 72KN
Max.breakout force 138KN
Max.drawbar pull 90KN
Max.grade ability 30
Total time of three(lifting,dumping,lowering) 11s
Overall dimensions(length×with×height)mm 6680×2270×3190
Intake method Turbocharged intercooled
Cylinder number 6
Max.torsion 480Nm
Engine Engine (92KW) Cummins/Deutz
Rated power 92kw
Min.futel consumption 190g/kw·h
Rated speed 2200r/min
Noise(dB) 105
Transmission Gearbox separated from torque converter
Model of torque converter YJ320
Pattern 3-element,single stage
Pattern of gear boxes Full-powershift,countershaft type
Number of gear shift 4 forward,2revers speed 45km/h
Main reducer type Arc taper gear, moderation of double grade
Pattern of wheel side moderation Single stage planetary
Tire size 17.5-25
Front tire pressure 343kpa
Rear tire pressure 304kpa
Steering System Articulated and hydraulic steering
Steering angle(each direction) 37± 1
Min.turning radius(outside of bucket) 5700mm
Valve distributing working DF25·2C
Working pumps CBGQ2100
Brake system


Service brake Parking brake Air cutting control inner expand hoof
Fuel tank capacity 150L
hydraulic tank 180L
Air assisted oil disc type four wheel brake